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The game of patience: Solitaire

The Game

For those who use the Solitaire game by Windows, we thought it would be nice to offer you an equivalent game with a better design...

This game is a freeware, in other words, it is complete and free to use. It’s access is not limited by time, nor is it a hidden spyware. It’s a free gift to our visitors.

If you are happy with this game, please help us by telling your friends about it or / and making a donation :)


Presentation of the game


Game summary

This module regroups the patience games available: currently, solitaire.

Click play to start a game.

Card selection

In this module, your game is mixed in a random way for the first game.

To further increase the random factor of each part, you will be asked to cut the pack before the cards are placed on the game mat.

The game mat

It is in this module that you will interact with the game.

the number of games won and lost is automatically saved so you can calculate your rate of success.


Some interface elements are configurable to offer more playing comfort.

For example, you can change the size and aspect maps.

Download Solitaire 1.10